ELIte Manning is overrated

Here’s your Eli Manning hater post of the week.  I find it funny that Mark Sanchez is being crucified by everyone and their mother (and rightfully so) while Eli Manning skates along as one of the NFL’s chosen sons.

Last 8 games of the season:

Consider that both of these teams are fighting for their playoff lives during this stretch.   ELIte!

Also consider that Manning made the Pro-Bowl over these three guys with far better stats on teams with equal or better win/loss records.

Hey, at least he’s winning the yardage contest!


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2 Thoughts on “ELIte Manning is overrated

  1. Southern Philly on December 30, 2011 at 5:33 pm said:

    I loved the “Eli Manning is elite because he beat the Patriots” notion that was going around the league earlier. The Giants put up 20 less yards and 1 more point than the horrible Patriots defense was averaging at the time.

  2. I just can’t take the Eli is elite crap. Eli is above average to good and he always has a couple games a year where he totally takes his team out of the game with horrible interceptions.

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