Michael Bradley…come on down!

I hate the pile on the professionals today (because that’s not what this blog is about), but this piece by Michael Bradley in the Philly Post is straight embarrassing.

I would be willing to bet that if Andy Reid read this article by Bradley, he’d tell his editor he should be putting him in a better position to write opinion pieces.

Here’s a slice of Bradley’s knee-jerk terribleness:

That’s right, in what is probably the most important season of his life, Andy Reid is bulletproof. If the Eagles go 0-16, he doesn’t lose his job. If the team loses both games to the Cowboys by a combined score of 100-0, nobody says a word. He is suffering through a parent’s worst nightmare, and it’s one that doesn’t end with the dawn of a new day. It never ends.

Andy Reid would fire himself if any of that happened. He’s got too much pride. Know your subject dude.

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